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The first known shrine to the newly canonized St. Gianna, is located at Nativity of Our Lord Parish, Warminster, PA, Archdiocese of Phila. The shrine serves as a kind of “headquarters” for the relics of St. Gianna, as well as a place where leaflets and holy cards about the saint will be available to the public.

The shrine consists of a large photograph of St. Gianna holding her daughter, Mariolina, and a small case where relics of the saint will be kept for veneration by the faithful. When the relics are not being used for presentations, they will be permanently housed at the shrine. The relics consist of several pairs of gloves worn by St Gianna and lockets, which contain pieces of clothing worn by St Gianna.

The relics were obtained by Robert White, the then President of "The Society of St Gianna Beretta Molla". Devoted to St Gianna, Joe contacted the Molla family in Italy and requested the relics. As a result of Joe's request, a close relationship has developed between St Gianna's family and The Society.

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