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Pietro Molla remembers those days of intense suffering resulting in his wife’s death:

“Many times I relive them almost as if they were the present. I still see Gianna when, on Easter morning in 1962, in the maternity ward of the Monza hospital, she took the child in her arms with great effort, she kissed her and looked at her with a sadness and an anguish that to me are the proof of her awareness that she would soon orphan her. From that day, her pain became constant. She invoked her mother to stay near her and help her because she could not make it, such was her pain. It seemed like a slow, dramatic sacrifice, accompanying that of Christ on the cross. Her suffering became even more intense on Monday. I tried to be near her all the time, so I spent the nights in Monza, in my old college of Saint Joseph. Then, fortunately, her sister – Mother Virginia – came from India and remained at her side throughout. During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday after Easter, her condition sharply worsened. Wednesday morning it took a temporary turn for the better and she told me “Pietro, I was on the other side already and if I could tell you what I saw! One day I will. But since we were too happy with our wonderful children, full of health and grace, with all of heaven’s blessings, they sent me back here, to suffer more, because it is not right to knock at the Lord’s door without having suffered greatly.” This was the last time I was able to speak with my wife. Afterwards, she said a few more words, but for me this was her testament of joy and suffering, of devotion and faith in God.”

Gianna’s faith in God and in his Providence gave her the courage to make the choice of love that cost her life.

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