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Alberto, Gianna’s father, suffered from pernicious anemia. Although Marie was troubled by her husband’s condition, she tried to hold the family together. Due to wartime and schooling her children were scattered all over the country. She prayed for her children and for her husband whose mental awareness was being affected by his illness. As always, Marie emerged from each new difficulty with the faith and courage that was a constant in the family’s life.

On the evening of April 28, 1942, Marie was stricken by a cerebral ictus. Alberto was ill in another room and was unaware of what was happening. Fernendo was on furlough from the army so he was able to quickly treat Marie who rallied for a period of time. She kept insisting “Don’t worry about me, go and take care of Papa”. The following morning, at the age of 53, Marie died of a heart attack. On September 1, 4 months after his wife’s death, Alberto died surrounded by his children. Of the Beretta children still living, four were already working, while three others were still in school.


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