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Gianna completed the first grade at Collo Aperto and then attended a school run by the Sisters of Wisdom for second and third grade. During her last 2 years of elementary school, Gianna and her little sister Virginia attended the “Institute of the Cannossian Mothers of St Gotthard”, which was only a short distance from their home.

Gianna passed the entrance exam for “Paolo Scarpi Lyceum Secondary School”. However she was held back a few months due to her poor marks in physical education. Her first four years of Secondary School were uneventful. Gianna was not especially brilliant in her studies and in her third year she was held back in Italian and Latin. She was unable to go on vacation with her family because she had to remain at home and study for her make up exams.

There was no doubt that Gianna was intelligent but she had to work hard at it. She had her dark days but she was able to overcome these scholastic difficulties with perseverance. Gianna always remained dedicated to her studies because she knew that diligence was the will of God. Her schoolwork was an instrument for her professional formation but God always remained first and foremost in her thoughts.

The family moved to Genova-Quinto in a house by the sea. Gianna and Virginia attended a school run by the Dorothean Sisters. Every morning, they went to Mass in the church near their home and they studied diligently.

The Lord gave Gianna a particular beauty in her sweet and profound gaze, which showed a gentle spirit, a pure soul, and a generous heart, receptive to all that is good. One of Gianna’s teachers remember her as

“She was a dear child who knew how to arouse the sympathy and affection of those who approached her due to the simplicity and sweetness of her character The exquisite sensitivity of her innocent and candid soul knew how to draw herself the sympathy and affection of those who approached her. Her face was always smiling, though it was sometimes veiled with a slight melancholy which called for tenderness. I tried to read in her deep and meek eyes the thoughts that in those brief moments disturbed her heart but I never heard a a word of annoyance or fatique or rebellion cross her lips… The fulfillment of her duty at home, in school, in society were for her a sacred duty.”

One of Gianna’s school companions wrote:

“Gianna had a faith so catching that all those who met her, after a short time, felt attracted to the Church, in whose life we desired to participate with deeper religiosity”.

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