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October 4, 1922
Gianna was born to Alberto and Marie Beretta in Magenta, Italy
October 11,1922 Gianna is baptized in the Basilica of S. Martino in Magenta
April 14, 1928 Gianna makes her first Communion
January 22,1937 Gianna’s sister Amelia dies at age 26
March 16 – 18,1938 Gianna makes the Spiritual Retreat of St Ignatius
1938 to 1939 Gianna’s studies are suspended for a year due to health reasons
October, 1941 Gianna and her family return to Bergamo, to the home of her maternal grandparents at S. Vigilio. The World War II bombardment of Genoa has weakened the health of Gianna’s mother, who already had heart trouble.
November, 1941 Gianna returns to Genoa to finish her course of studies
May 1, 1942 Maria, Gianna’s mother, dies at the age of 55
June, 1942 Gianna receives her diploma
September 1, 1942 She rejoins her family at Bergamo
October, 1942 Gianna and her siblings move to Magenta to their paternal grandparents home. She is involved in Catholic Action and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
November, 1942 Gianna begins her studies in medicine
September, 1949 Pietro mets Gianna at her brothers medical office
November 30,1949 Gianna receives a degree in medicine and surgery. She considers joining her brother as a missionary in Brazil
July 1, 1950 Gianna opens a medical clinic in Mesero
July 7, 1952 Gianna obtains her degree as a pediatric specialist.
December 8, 1954 Gianna & Pietro began their friendship after meeting at a friends first Mass
April 11, 1955 Gianna & Pietro are engaged
September 24,1955 Gianna & Pietro are married
November 19, 1956 Their first son Pierluigi is born
December 11, 1957 Maria Zita is born
July 15, 1959 Laura is born
September 6, 1961 Gianna undergoes surgery to remove uterine tumor while she is pregnant
April 21, 1962 Gianna Emanuela is born
April 28, 1962 Gianna Beretta Molla dies at the age of 39
April 11, 1978 Cardinal Giovanni Colombo and the sixteen members of the Bishops Conference of Lombardy petition Pope John Paul II for the introduction of the cause for the Beatification of Gianna Beretta Molla.
April 12, 1986 The decree is opened after much investigation and research
July 6, 1991 The Congregation of the Causes of Saints confirms the heroic virtues of Gianna Beretta Molla by the decree signed by Pope John Paul II.
1977 First Miracle occurred in Brazil
May 22, 1992 Miracle was declared a third class miracle (an instantaneous, complete, and lasting cure unexplained by medical science)
April 24, 1994 Gianna Beretta Molla was beatified during the year of the Family
2002 – 2003 The second miracle is examined and declared valid
February 19, 2004 The process of canonization is officially concluded
May 16, 2004 Canonization in St Peter’s Square Rome

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