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Although Gianna and Pietro adored each other and their rapidly growing family, they began to experience the stress of their increasing duties and responsibilities. Gianna cared for the children and continued with her medical practice. She successfully juggled all of her responsibilities; mother, wife, homemaker, doctor, etc. Her great inner strength translated into an enthusiasm that shone through in all of her tasks that she performed. Others were continually amazed that she found time for everything and everyone involved in her life, she was never idle. In the home she handled everything magnificently, she was a wonderful cook and loved to entertain peers, friends and family on the weekends.

Pietro, who felt an enormous burden with the concerns and responsibilities of his own work and family, needed a retreat from daily pressures. He would spend time alone in the mountains. Although Gianna understood and accepted his needs, she was sad to see him leave. She decided that she would not bother him with any family matters while he was away. While Pietro was away, Gianna continued caring for her children but there were things that were of concern to her: Pierluigi was not doing well at the time and Marolina was restless at night. Gianna began to feel tired. On February 26, Gianna wrote to Pietro saying that she was eager for his return. She missed his warm embrace and the strength and support of his presence. Gianna believed that Pietro not only loved her tenderly but also understood her and completed her as a human being. Her love for Pietro continued to grow stronger and she felt her love for Pietro was connected to her love for God.

In spite of their busy schedule, Gianna and Pietro want to Milan regularly to spend time together at concerts or plays. When it was possible to get away from her practice, Gianna would accompany Pietro on business trips. When she was unable to accompany him, the couple would keep in constant contact through letters.

Gianna paid particular attention to the children’s spiritual training. Although they were very young, she would say prayers with them in the evening and talk to them about the love of Jesus. Each evening the children would reflect on their actions of the day and talk about how Jesus may not have been happy about some of the events.

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