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Gianna had just graduated from high school and considered becoming a medical missionary in Brazil when her parents died. While waiting for her missionary calling, she began studying medicine in Milan. Despite the hardship of wartime, Gianna threw herself into her studies. It was often impossible to attend classes because Milan was under constant heavy wartime bombing. Everything was in a state of confusion, the bombings destroyed buildings, and people fled the city for a safer environment. Gianna endured the tragedy of war with her deep faith in God. If she were not able to perform heroic deeds, she would strive to do whatever task was set before her as well as she could.

When weary, she went to church: When she was tired and felt she couldn’t go on, she revived herself with a little meditation and spoke to Jesus. But her weak points caused her suffering. Her readily admitted shortcomings was her stubborness, she always did what she wanted when she should have submitted. As to charity, she continued to work hard at avoiding judgment of her neighbor.

When the war ended, she continued her studies in the medical school in Pavia with her sister Virginia. Gianna believed that the medical profession was like no other; she had very clear ideas about the purpose and sanctity of her vocation, she considered it more of a mission than work and therefore felt it and lived it as a service

Gianna wrote various affirmations on the significance and value of a doctor’s mission on a prescription pad and titled it “The beauty of our Mission”.

“In one way or another, everyone in society works in the service of humanity. Physicians have opportunities that a priest does not have, for our mission does not end when medicine is no longer of help. There still remains the soul that must be brought to God. Jesus says, “Whoever visits the sick is helping me.” This is a priestly mission. Just as the priests can touch Jesus, so we doctors touch Jesus in the bodies of our patients: in the poor, the young, the old, and children. Jesus makes himself seen in our midst. Many doctors offer themselves to him. When you have finished your earthly profession, if you have done this well, You will enjoy divine life ‘because I was sick and you healed me.”

Four Norms for doctors
  • To do our part well. Study our science well. Today there is a seeking after money.
  • Be honest. Be doctors of faith.
  • Have a loving care, thinking of each one as a brother. Have a certain delicacy.
  • Never forget the patients soul. We who have a right to a certain confidence must be attentive never to profane the soul. This would be a betrayal. Take care to use superficial language. Instead always do well.
The years of her university studies were a special time for apostolate. Very active and full of initiative, Gianna won the friendship of young women. She organized outings, parties, and games with the goal of encouraging her friends in the love of God and neighbor. She listened well and spoke little, and answered as though listening to an interior voice.

On November 30, 1949, Gianna finished medical school with honors. A little over two years later, on July 7, 1952, she gained her speciality in pediatrics.

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